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happy journey to jinhai lake park

autumn is a golden season. on september 15th, all the sino-galvo staffs, with the joy and laughter, began a mighty driving activities. we drove to the jinhai lake park, which is located in 15 km east of pinggu district of beijing. jinhai lake park, surrounded by magnificent mountains, beautiful landscape and boundless expanse of blue water area, is the largest comprehensive water entertainment park in beijing.


sino-galvo staff launched a massive water-sprinkling competition in cruise ships. after climbed up to the shore, almost all staff got drenched, and got enough happiness to back to the hotel. at dinner time, we held a party for vicky, one workmate of our r & d department, with our best wishes. under the starry night sky, we had a wonderful party time. with a hint of coolness of autumn, we were all into the sweet dreams. the next day, we came to jingdong grand canyon. it’s famous for beautiful landscapes, narrow and deep gorge, steep mountains. we enjoyed its majestic scenery and had a wonderful climbing journey.


autumn is not only a beautiful season, but also a harvest season. loaded with the sunset at dusk and golden rays, the sino-galvo staff finished two-day happy trip in the cheers and laughter.