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happy journey to dalian city

dalian is located on the east bank of eurasia, which is off the coast of shandong peninsula in the south and lies on the verge of the bohai sea in the northwest. it borders on japan, south korea, north korea and russian far east area, which make it an important international shipping center, international logistics center and a regional financial center in northeast china.


at 8pm of july 3rd, 2014, all staff from sino-galvo (beijing) and staff representatives from sino-galvo (zhengjiang) branch as well as all the domestic and overseas resident representatives, more than 50 people, started off from beijing by train, to the desirable and beautiful coastal city dalian, to enjoy the entertainment of the ocean of joy.


inside laohutan ocean park, there are a sea of people. humorous performances of the dolphins and sea lions won a lot of applauses from the audience. laohutan ocean park has become a beautiful scenic of dalian city. xinghai square was built for celebrating the return of hongkong, which covers an total area of 1.76 million square meters and is the largest city square in asia. facing the ocean and being surrounded by a large-scale music fountain, all make the xinhai square an invigorating place to go.


it is always hard to meet and easy to separate. with end of the touring, the company is ready to set off a new journey and dedicated to the career of building the world’s largest manufacturing base of galvo scanners and developing a first-class brand enterprise in the laser market.