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2015 foreign trade conference

on 30th may, 2015, it is a special day for sino-galvo, under the leadership of the company in the lead, all departments involved, the company held a 2015 overseas sales to start the meeting.


the meeting in the atmosphere of tension and orderly, first foreign trade director of the entire ministry of foreign trade in the first half of the work done a profound summary of the depth of the ministry of foreign trade, the current situation; second, foreign trade department staff to do the work of their own analysis, and to do a detailed plan for the future work. around the different problems, we speak out proposed many for foreign trade rationalization proposals, from their own problems to find the reasons and puts forward the solving methods.


meeting, a humbling motivational videos clips and zhenjiang jinhai a news video, let every jin haichuang was very excited and proud! the most wonderful curtain opened, chen always follow the video "it's no use complaining, all on their own, shen canzhi no residue hero story incentive all of us, that all staff are full of positive energy.


this meeting made a wonderful summary of the conference, from how to improve the foreign trade department of the short board, a detailed plan of the complete foreign trade system. from the entire macroeconomic, laser industry background, the future trend of the company's future trend, the turning point in history, how to develop and change the pattern of innovation and change the pattern to develop and expand the company, and stressed the need to continue to seize the domestic market share and synchronization of overseas markets to create a complete conference system and training system. the entire speech to the staff of the company's confidence, but there is no lack of appropriate sense of urgency.


it is worth every foreign trade sales staff to reflect on how to play their own good platform to play? to bring the company to the corresponding return, to complete the established sales target. believe that after this meeting, we have the best answer in mind.