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2017 hiking on wusun trail - the eagle team

sino galvo has a group of keen on outdoor adventure, they firmly believe that "infinite scenery in the dangerous way." for them, wusun trail –to explore such pure and beautiful scenery is a huge temptation.


wusun trail from the ancient wushen country to guizi country through the tianshan mountains trail, the wolf c, xiate trail and wusun trail called three major lines in xinjiang, not only the journey is difficult and long, and also with excellent scenery, a lot of travelers list it as milestone targets for domestic hiking trails.


on august 5, under the leadership of the leader, the eagle team began to cross through the wusun trail, threw themselves into the shocking nature of the original beauty. the deepest memory of this way is to look at the steep cliffs. eagle team members overcome all difficulties, to conquer the majestic peaks, and through more than 70 cold rivers. nothing but they are in danger, they can realize how powerful they are.


the unusual landscape of the world, often in places where few people can go, so just people who has a strong willing could arrive. although this trail is dangerous, we never regret. we know there is a nice scenery on the way, as well as moved by the first time to see the landscape.


"the eagle team" wusun trail trip with successful ending. through this hiking, we not only appreciate the nature of the steep and scenery, but also realize the meaning of life. we will full of enthusiasm to face all the problems in the work and create a better life with hard working.