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sino-galvo at laser world of photonics china 2018

laser world of photonics china 2018 was held in sniec( shanghai new international expo center ) on 14-16th of march. this exhibition peaked a historical high in terms of exhibitors number and display area. there are nearly one thousand exhibitors participate in this event with an area of 51,750 square meters.

nowadays, china is transforming from manufacturer of quantity to one of quality and intelligence. in order to cater the market trend and make multilateral trade cooperation in diverse fields, we welcome customers from more than ten different countries and regions involves various field applied in industrial laser, medical cosmetology, 3d print and scientific research. some customers reached cooperation intentions with us and visit our company after the exhibition to engage in more specialized conversations related to product details.

our company's own r & d products such as laser cleaning galvanometer, intelligent galvanometer and software control system stunned in exhibition which attracted continuous stream of visitors include highly talented professionals from domestic and overseas top institutions and experts in laser industry. we made a further discussion cutting-edge hot issue, scientific research challenges and ideal solutions for application area.

new products and new applications in laser field are constantly being developed, make laser industry thriving in the background of “made in china 2025”which strengthen our confidence. in the future, sino-galvo technology will insist pursue the concept of technology innovation and development, work deeply in r&d to become the top brand of scanning galvanometer in the global laser industry”