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sino-galvo charity walk

every child longs to be cared for

every child needs to be guarded

light up the hope of the mountains and the light of the future

meet the purest childlike world in the mountains.

1.the most beautiful encounter

on june 27, 2021, our chairman zhou shuangliu, general manager chen lei, and operation director xu wei and his party came to hope primary school in chahe township, xuanhan county, dazhou city, sichuan province. under the leadership of principal ding and principal xiang, the children lined up on both sides of the school gate and welcomed everyone with warm applause.





2. light up hope

principal ding introduced that chahe township hope primary school was founded in 2005 and currently has 7 classes (including 1 kindergarten). the average age of the whole school is 5 years old, and there are many kindergarten students. 80% of the students in the school are left-behind children. because of the rugged mountain roads and no one at home to take care of, most of them can only live in the school and go home once a week, and more than ten students can return home even half a semester.



with rudimentary teaching equipment, crowded dormitories, and canteens with cracked walls, the schools dilemma deeply affects the hearts of every sino-galvo person. in order to provide children with a better learning environment, sino-galvo technology will do its best to invest in the construction of school facilities.



as an enterprise with a high sense of social responsibility, sino-galvo has been insisting on illuminating others with its own light while achieving its own steady development. chairman zhou shuangliu was born in the countryside since he was a child. he used his own growth experience as an example to encourage children to study hard and change their destiny with knowledge.





3. the unity of cognition and action 

on the second day, under the organization and arrangement of president ding, our company formed a consolation team to visit poor students' families and send them well prepared gifts and consolation money to bring warmth and care to these left behind children.

during the visit, chairman zhou shuangliu, general manager chen lei, and operation director xu wei cordially exchanged condolences with poor families. 3-year-old ding hongyun suffers from congenital epilepsy, accompanied by a long-term low-grade fever of unknown cause, but has no financial means to seek medical treatment. chairman zhou immediately arranged the staff of yuntu cultural tourism of the chengdu branch to accompany them to the provincial hospital for examination and treatment.




childhood is the starting point of a person's life. sino-galvo hopes to pass on this love and responsibility, and comprehensively improve the implementation of the school's software and hardware, so that children in impoverished mountainous areas can stand on the same starting line as children in cities and chase a brilliant and colorful life in the future.



children's education is the hope of the motherland's future. our company will join hands with more caring people in the society to move forward warmly, sow love and hope, and give children a brighter future.