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application of galvo scanner in 3d printing

based on digital model document, 3d laser printing is a technique of fabricating objects by printing and adhering layers which is made from wax, metal powder or plastic material. on the contrary to traditional material processing, it is a newly introduced 3d printing mode that sets things up by layer with raw material added on. as the typical one of the desktop 3d printers of high accuracy and speed, sla 3d laser printer, adopting 3d engraving principle, has a container full of liquidized photosensitive resin. in the scanning of ultraviolet laser, the resin is rapidly solidified and transformed into engineering plastic resembling products.

with the fast development of 3d printing, laser technique which is recognized as an alternative energy is largely applied in 3d printing. among them, stereo lithography apparatus (sla) takes the lead in the market. independent-developed desktop 3d printers ensure printing accuracy, speed and stability at the same time thanks to the well-performed and 3d printing light paths. its molding accuracy meets the requirement of precise printing on thin sheets of materials of 0.3mm and mini-sized holes. thus, it is widely accepted in jewelry, dental, action figures modeling, etc. with granted patents and intellectual property certificates both in china and the u.s.