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hg1105 gynecologic galvo scanner

hg1105 gynecologic galvo scanner is a high performance medical beauty vibrating mirror newly developed by the company. it adopts the structure mode of vertical light entry and has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, fast speed and flexible operation. and it has the independent intellectual property right.

the advantages are as following:

the scanner is small in size, light in weight and ergonomically designed handheld laser system;
 equipped with high-performance micro-scanning motor and original imported optical sensor, it has fast scanning speed and high stability;
the software has fault self-detection function, reliable fault signal output, can fully ensure the security of the scanner;
the software has simple operation interface, parameter memory function, preset various treatment modes, and easy operation;
square, circle, triangle, hexagon and other graphics are optional and can be adjusted to achieve accurate scanning;
the automatic contour extraction function of image shooting is adopted to adjust with the hand-drawing function, so as to carry out more accurate treatment operation on the lesion area;
the software can accurately set the point spacing, residence time and interval time, so as to effectively control the energy, and the laser power and the indicating light brightness can be calibrated;
standardized interface of software board card, easy to connect with other control systems, and customized special control system for customers.

hg1105 gynecologic galvo scanner technical parameters

motor specification

working temperature




setting time


scale drift


zero drift


long-term drift over 8   hours


rated current


maximum scan angle


storage temperature

-10 to 60℃





input aperture


motor weight


servo driver board specification

input voltage


interface signals(analog)


fault signal output(ttl   level)

h for galvo working normally

l for galvo working failure

analog signal input   resistance


working temperature