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offline laser marking control system

the control board has 4gb of solid state disk space. the fast speed and high stability of the hard disk can fully meet most marking requirements. we only need to import the file to the control board card to realize offline marking.

1. rich peripheral interfaces
3 serial port, 2 usb, 1 100 mb network port, 17 external interrupt gpio, this offline board card has rich peripheral extension interface, strong scalability, very convenient to communicate with external interface.
2. realized functions
2.1 generation method of marking content
(1) save in advance
put text, two-dimensional code, bar code, running number, date, bitmap, vector map and other data into offline board card in advance, and then trigger marking.
(2) generated by external protocol
by developing protocols, the offline board can receive data through a serial port or a network port and then generate the marking content (currently under development).
2.2 trigger marking
(1) external io, by judging io state trigger marking
(2) through serial communication, according to the protocol, by receiving serial port data control marking.
(3) through network communication, according to the protocol, by receiving network data control marking.